28 August 2009


will be update soon...

21 August 2009


haaa...hari ni ak sja la godek2 laptop ni
Pastu terfikir ape nk post utk u ol sume sempena ramadhan ni?
terjumpalah wallpaper yg cun2..hik3
So, klu u ol suke..dloadla ye?
Link :


Salam semua
hehe..semangat ye pagi2 dh tulis dlm blog.
Excited pny psl ma...Yela,pgi ni adlh hari ptama aku bsahur di bln Ramadhan.
Sgt excited...heheh..wlaupun bjauhan ngn family tp xpe..ak msih ade kwn2...
So, hidup xla sunyi sgt...Cuti midsem ni pun xtrase bOsan sbb byknye la aktiviti ak..
Fulus pun ade ckit2 masuk..Alhamdulillah..dptla ckit2 tampung blnje kn?
Kne bdkari cri dt.Hmm..eh! ape kes la k cite2 kebajikan ni..ish3...
Pagi ni,Leha & aku bangun jam3 pgi!hahaha...
Sbb kwe ol gumbira nk masak bihun grng pg ni utk sahur.
haiyOoo..mlm tdi,sOnOk sakan bli brg dgn Daus n Akasya..So,pgi ni kne la masak.Klu x,sia2 je la bli brg mlm tdi..bajet mcm nk masak mcm2..pdhl bihun je pun..haha..plh brg pnya la lme..kOnOn kat Tesco padahal kat kdai runcit Sintok je pon..hahahah
Its ok..yg penting SEMANGAT beb!

tik tok
jam dh tunjuk angka 5
mata xmgntuk..Leha plak dh lena..xpela..alang2 tgu la Subuh skali
hmm..tgh pk je dr td.Apa ak nk bt eh..ak pandang notice board..alamak!!
- 26 ni submit RP
- ade kuiz ETR & Strategik
adOyai...bace ape pun x lg..bku xde..nota xde..
Oh En Fauzi !!! Knp la xde notes..ayOyO..
ape nk jwb xtau..
hmm, tutup mata..lukis muke sdri sudaa...
pastu klu markah ckit,ko jgn bising ye wana..
hik3..marah diri sdri la pulak...
hehehe..okla..pntla pulak..nk baring2 jap
hik3..hOpe xtertido la..Sebelum tu, ak nk wish kepada :
- Mak! Ayah!
- Kawan2 D'Boom!
- My Mr!
- sape2 jela..xkira gender n ras (hehe)

ucapan :
Selamat Berpuasa


pada 21 Ogos jam10:30am.. Zul msej Leha
suh kitorang gerak g kitchen utk try bt Nasi Kerabu Tumis
sbb Ahad ni, dorang nk stat bt jualan nasi krabu kat bazaar Muamalat/Yab
si Zul ni ak tgk mmg semangat bkobar2 sungguh
hik3..pgi2 dh kua g market sorg2 cari barang (mase tu ak n leha tgh syok mimpi)
hmm..dlm jam11 lebih kurangla ak n leha
g Yab jmp Zul n Daus...
naik moto la..Zul & Daus..Aku & Leha...
Kami pun odw g kat Proton dgn segala mcm brg
Haa..sampai2 je..kami xlengahkan mase la..
Kne cepat ma..(ari jum la..so bdk2 ni kne balik awl g slt jum)
So..sifu (Zul a.k.a Akasha) dok tunjuk ajar kat kitorg
-ape yg kne bt n cemane nk bt-
Yela..Zul ore Klate..haa..kne la ajr dak2 non-Klate ni cra nk btnye
Sbnrnye harini, zul skdr nk try msk je. Nk bajet rase n kuantiti b4 dorg
bisnes Ahad nnt. Ak, Leha & Daus sgt rajin mbuat kje masing2..(acece,puji diri sdri la plak)
Ha..bmulalah pcemaran bunyi "creng-creng,pung-pang,ktok-ktak"
Xpyhla citekan proses mbuat eh?Sbb ak pun lupa la..Hehehe~
Haa..dlm bbrape puluh minit..akhirnya SIAP!!!
what can I say is : sangat sedap ! seyes dowh..sedap giler..
Z.U.L...wa tabik sama lu brO!
tabik juga sama brO Daus (waklu) and Leha..lu sgt cekap beb.hehe~


Tirai Syaaban menutup tirai
Pintu Ramadhan sudah tersentuh
Sinar keberkatan semakin terpancar
Selamat Berpuasa bt semua

Salam Tulus Ikhlas : Che'Orked

20 August 2009


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After settling their affairs, Emma (Monica Potter), John (Tony Goldwyn), and Mari Collingwood (Sara Paxton) head out on vacation to their lake house. Shortly after arriving, Mari borrows the family car and drives into town to spend time with her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac). While Paige works the cash register at a local store, she and Mari meet Justin (Spencer Treat Clark), a teenager passing through the town who invites them both back to his hotel room to smoke some weed. While the three are hanging out in the hotel room, Krug (Garret Dillahunt), Justins father, Francis (Aaron Paul), Justins uncle, and Sadie (Riki Lindhome), Krug's girlfriend, arrive. Krug shows Justin a local newspaper that has Krug's and Sadie's pictures on the front page, which explains how Sadie and Francis broke Krug out of police custody and killed the two officers that were transporting him. Believing it too risky to let Paige and Mari go, Krug kidnaps them and uses their vehicle to leave town. While Krug searches for the highway, Mari convinces him to take a road that leads him to her parents lake house; Mari then attempts to jump out of the vehicle, but the ensuing fight amongst all the passengers causes Krug to crash into a tree. Frustrated by Mari's attempts to escape, Sadie and Francis proceed to beat Mari as she crawls away from the wreckage. Krug attempts to teach his son to "be a man" by forcing him to fondle Mari's breasts. When Justin refuses Krug decides to rape Mari. Paige begins insulting him to get him to stop, which causes Krug to pause momentarily only to stab Paige in the stomach twice. As Mari watches Paige bleed to death she is raped by Krug. Afterward, Mari musters enough strength to escape the group and make it to the lake so that she can swim to safety. Before she can swim far enough Krug shoots her in the back, leaving her to bleed out in the lake. A storm forces Krug and his gang to seek refuge with John and Emma, whose home is nearby. Justin realizes that they are Mari's parents, and intentionally leaves a necklace Mari was wearing on the counter to alert them about their daughter. When John and Emma find Mari, barely alive, on their porch, along with the necklace from the counter, they realize that the people who did this to Mari are in their home. As they try and find the key to their boat, so that they can take Mari to the hospital, they decide to get revenge on those responsible. When Francis happens upon Mari's body he is attacked and killed by John and Emma. When the couple go after Krug and Sadie they find Justin in possession of Krug's gun; Justin gives the gun to John so he can kill Krug. Sadie awakens and interrupts John, allowing Krug the chance to escape the couple where he pieces together that they are Mari's parents. After Emma shoots Sadie in the head, John runs after Krug. With a combined effort from Emma, John and Justin, Krug is knocked unconscious. John paralyzes Krug from the neck down, and leaves him to die with his head in an active microwave; then he, Emma, Mari, and Justin take the boat to the local hospital.

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In his bestselling novels (American Psycho, Less Than Zero), author Bret Easton Ellis established himself as a modern chronicler of decadence, and a writer who reveals the dark shadows behind lives of wealth and glamour. Academy Award® winners Billy Bob Thornton (Best Adapted Screenplay, Sling Blade, 1997) and Kim Basinger (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, L.A. Confidential, 1998), Academy Award® nominees Winona Ryder (Best Actress in a Leading Role, Little Women, 1995) and Mickey Rourke (Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Wrestler, 2009) star in an interweaving tale, which unfolds in Los Angeles in the decadent 80's: a city ruled by addictions of every type - from sex, to drugs, to power - where youth is wasted, where love is fleeting, where every night is a headlong rush to the next orgy of sensation. Sooner or later, the party has to end ...and the hangover is bound to be a killer. Also starring Chris Isaak, Brad Renfro, Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) and Austin Nichols (TV's "One Tree Hill"). Featuring 80's flashback music loaded with tracks from 'new wave' recording legends.
Genre : Thriller, Crime

19 August 2009


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The film begins with of American athletes competing in Eastern Europe who are supposed to get on a train to continue the competition. And our group of people miss the train 'cause they went partying the night before. They get on a different train to catch up with their teammates and horror ensues. I researched real crimes that happen here in Eastern Europe and based it on that. This is as an intelligent horror film, It's got gore and it's got the stuff that makes it a horror movie, but it's also got a clever story people will enjoy. [D-Man2010] This new Train tells the tale of an American wrestling team who board a train that just so happens to be used as a supermarket for organ harvesters. [D-Man2010]
Genre : Horror,Thriller

GRACE 2009
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After years of trying to conceive, Madeline and Michael Matheson are finally pregnant. But with only weeks before delivery, an accident leaves both Michael and the unborn child dead. Devastated, Madeline determines to carry the child to term and deliver naturally. What seemed like madness becomes a miracle when, after delivering a stillborn child, Madeline finds her baby is indeed alive... and hungry. She soon discovers that her baby - now named Grace - thirsts for something more than mother's milk, and Madeline is determined to feed her, no matter the consequences. With nowhere to turn, Madeline must make a mother's ultimate decision: What will she sacrifice to keep her child alive? [D-Man2010]
Genre : Horror,Thriller


~happy friendship day~

- Me and Ieda

- Me, Nasay and Zulay

- Me, Daus and Henry

-Me and Anis

- Me and Wawa

- Me and Liza


kali ni ak nk kongsi ngn u ol sume
some softwares that i loved to use
korg tgk kn gamba2 yg ak edit tu?
amacam?ok x?klu x ok,lantak korang la..ngeh3
haa..bg yg nk edit pic dgn cra yg sgt simple..
ok korang gunalah Photoscape or boleh juga guna Picasa
ak sk sgt software ni sbb hanya klik klik klik..
xbyk songeh...hehe..selamat mencube!!!

yg ni plak ak nk kongsi ngn u ol sume dua softwares
bkaitan Music/Entertainment la
Ape kate bagi korg yg lum cube guna Player AIMP2
try this now..Best tau..Simple n cun sgt.
Lg 1, bg u ol yg nk convert video to mp3 (flv to mp3)
haa..ape kate guna FV to MP3 Converter ni..

Cube laaa!!!


~ Ramadhan Wallpaper ~


for Billy Talent's fans!
come up with new album...


for more info : visit Billy Talent Official Community


ak dh cite half of the story kat bawah tu..
yg ni lak antara picha yg sempat ak snap la.
Byk tol la masalah2..hehe..Pepun..ak hepi time tu \(*_*)/
tQ korang !

18 August 2009


sgt kepenatan tp sonoknyeee...
enjOy bt kje
18/08/09 bsamaan hari Selasa
jam 7:00am Leha dh gerak suh bangun
Mlsnyeeee....tp...gagah gak.Dh siap2 mandi
g YAB jemput abe2 encem (daus + henry)
kami g bli kuih2 kat lua UK
sementara tgu geng2 Semah sampai
nk gerak saing~
Arah tuju kitorang ke Dewan Wawasan Jitra
rupenye kami prepare mknan *869pax!!!! arghhhh!!!
utk student Kjururawatan ni.Depa Konvo harini
Jam9:00am dh sampai.....
Perhhh..ramai...parking full beb
Kami tgu org Sharbina mai dekat sejam dh..huhu
Kepala dh lentok2...ade yg ke hulu ke hilir...ade yg usha2 mamat ensem
ade yg g bli sarapan..ade gak yg gossip2 pagi2
hehehe..tmasukla aku..ngeee~
dlm jam9:50am..haa..minuman bkotak2 dh smpi
Kami g letak utk 4 meja yg dorg dh sediakan kat lua dewan
Dlm jam10:15am,haa..dtgla abg2 Sharbina (2org) ni anta mknan
utk kami packing dlm polisterin...
*Nasi Minyak
*Ayam Masak Rose
Haaa..pastu bmulalah tugas aku n geng2 aku:
* Daus
*Kak Min
Dah mcm operator kilang dh
dgn pakai mask n glove
dhla pakai Tshirt seragam je
tapi cun beb baju die
warne itam + orange..tp mmg lawa..hehe..
sbb dpt free...ngeee~
Haaa...pendekkan cite la..kitorang ni pulunla bt kje sbb
pihak urusetia dh gtau mknan kne siap b4 jam 11:30am
gilo apo!!
dhla beratus2 nk bt..hik3..tapi..well...'Profesional maaa'
hik3..Semah MiniBoss kami
jadi kami buatla kje mcm mesin n robot...
errr...teringat robot Muamalat...
hik3..robot yg amek Degree
ah!Lupakan...ak ni nk cite hal lain..
Haaa...sambung balik...pastu kan..kami ni dh bungkus,g anta kat meja
standby utk bdk2 ni kua dewan..ade yg tgu kat mja..
mase ni tugas dh pecah2
half prepare...half jge kaunter
aku ngn leha mase tu dh mcm kebulur btahun2 tau~
dhla bau mkanan sOdap..depan mate lak tu..tp...uwaaaaa!!!
xdpt nk makan lagi la...kne bt kje dlu
dlm jam1140am,kami settle kje..yay!penatttt!!

::..to be continued..::

17 August 2009


blajo kje..kje pon kne blajo..
itula aku
tp poket tak penuh2 gak..
toyol btul la (erkk..glurp..)
pg esok *aku+leha+daus...n others*
malas nk mention
kitorang join catering Sharbina
kat Dewan Wawasan, Jitra kot..(^_^)
agak lumayan la depa bayo
saje nk enjoy2
dapat gak Tshirt free
Aliaa ~> jgn jeles yea...lalala...
esok pagi jam 8:15am dh kne bangun

09 August 2009

::.protocol day.::

ala2 ada gaya lawyer x?
before the seminar
dlm bas khas khas...odw g EDC

pagi yg memenatkan
sgt memenatkan...
ikutkan at n jiwa ni,malas giler nk bangun pagi
tp bila mengenangkan ak dh bayar rm10
(CAS ni mmg mahal giler)
so,terpaksalah ak n rumit ak yg sorg ni
bangun pagi2
mengeliat dgn style masing2
amik towel yg harum n g mandi..kebush..kebush..gurpp..sjuknye..hehehe..
poyo je mcm kt kg la konon2..heheh..
lps tunai kwajipan..(ayg bkl istri solehah abg)
ak pn pkai la bju cun ak..hehheh...ole sbb prtokol..
ak pn m'tacapkn muke ak yg x bgtu ayu ++ cun..heheh..
tp ak nikn low profile..simple2 je..yg pntg kms n brsih..
ltk kt pp skit..mte skit..pnjgkn bulu mate skit..siap..
ops..litip x ltk plak..hehehe..
lps siap sume..ak tgk rumate ku..fuyo..
cun gle..x pe la..heheh..kitorg pn trun bwh
tgu yg len2..ape!!
rmai yg smpan bju upenye utk protokol..hheheh..
yg x pnh pkai kbaye pkai..
yg pkai bju nk g kawen pn ade..yg bju pas pn ade..hehe..
jgn mara kwn2..luv u all la..heheh
yg rumate ak smgat..wana cpt wana..cop tmpt..nti x dpt..
ak pn smgat..b]pgg tgn dan b'lari..
sory..tpi skit..tpi..tq..akhirnye jeng jeng jeng..
ala..ttp lg.pnt je..tp x pe r..posing dlu sblm masuk..
snap..snap..then kitorg masuk..
smgt kitorg duk tgh2..mje no 7..pgil dak laki..tp diorg
duk mje len..smpai ati..
yg bes pn.mala la..otai gle bg talk..sporting..n yg plg njoy
die siap mntion kitorg..bdk2 hospitality..
cam kmbang idung kitorg jap..
10 mnt x trik napas sbb td kmbg dah sdut byk..hehhe..
mkn kne etika..nsib sdp..ok la..
erk..knyg..tp gram kt budak bajet edc rudy..ei..pape ntah die..
abaikn..pas mkn kitorg dpt sijil..nti ak tnjuk ek.hehe.
kitorg tgkp gmbr ngan pn.mala..n blik 2 kitorg jmpe ank die..comei sgt..dh la putey++gebu..comei..
blik nek bus..tp ak x trus nek..ade singghan jap..hee...
2 je kot yg mnarik..hm~~